Amazon’s price matching policies, which were meant to ensure its dominant position, diminished the ability of brands to control how their products are distributed and the prices at which these products are sold, writes Shaoul Sussman.  

In thirteen years of hostile decisions, the Roberts Supreme Court has done all it59417 - Allure Swirls Beige Galerie Wallpaper can to legalize corruption. With the Bridgegate case,6 YELLOW VINTAGE-STYLE FANCY BUTTERFLY DRAWER CABINET PULL HANDLE KNOB hardware it gets a chance to wreak even more havoc and possibly end the use of the term “corruption” as a useful legal concept. 

Studies of the evolution of market power since 2000 have focused mostly on publicly traded US firms. This column introduces a new global study that incorporates private firms and decomposes the aggregate effect into intensive and extensive margins.59436 - Allure Plain Brown Galerie Wallpaper It shows the increase in markups is broad-based across countries and sectors but is driven by a small number of firms.   

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For decades, competition in America has been on the wane, leading to slower economic growth and a gaping chasm of inequality. 5mm twisted round cotton cord decoration rope drawstring cotton ropeAntitrust can help reverse the trend, 6 150 mm Luft Orbital Palm Sander Staubfrei Schleifen + 10 Pads Mixed gritbut antitrust doctrines and enforcement actions once thought adequate are proving insufficient. Fixing the problem is urgent.  

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The federal antitrust agencies don’t appear to be serious about their recent Big Tech push. And given that the Supreme 6.6ft Carbon Steel I-Shape Sliding Interior Barn Door Hardware Kit - Frost K6C8Court and federal judiciary are firmly in conservative hands, it doesn’t matter—5-Solid Brass 1 9 16 W X 2 1 2 H Small Chest Jewelry Box Hinge 2 Pk N211318antitrust enforcement won’t come back so soon.  


In this third and final part of his three-part series on the resurgence of antimonopoly, Matt Stoller explains how the election of Donald Trump helped bring antimonopoly thinking back to the forefront of the political discourse.  600KG 800KG 1400KG 1500KG Electric Sliding Gate Opener W 2 Remote Controls

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In this second installment of his three-part series on antitrust’s recent resurrection, Matt Stoller discusses the legacy of Obama’s presidency. 5x Acier Inox V2a Grille Predectrice contre Oiseaux Predection les PigeonsThe real policy for which Obama will be known is not Obamacare or Dodd-Frank, but bailing out the banks after the 2008 financial crisis and helping Americans and the rest of the world understand that liberal democratic rhetoric was really an ornamental cover for a system of concentrated financial and political power.  

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The Big Three index fund managers—BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street Global Advisors—6 Dutch Boy Technique Pad Lambswool Paint Stain Faux Finishes 5 x 4 44TEC1001hold a significant proportion of the stock of US public companies,60x AAA Ultra Power Alkaline Batterie Duracell AR1094 and they continue to grow steadily. There is a real prospect that index funds will continue to grow, and that voting in most significant public companies will come to be dominated by the future 6 LOT Seymour Spruce Metallic Enamel Lacquer, Chrome Aluminum 98-1“Giant Three,” write Lucian Bebchuk and Scott Hirst.